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A GPGPU based implementation of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Function Optimization

Presented this Poster at HiPC 2011 as the primary Author. Please email me if you want information about this one. The program is written in C using openCL.


> Generic function substitution Kernel

> Parallel PSO which runs on the GPU

> GA runs on the CPU

Aditya Vijayakumar(me), Biravamurthy SK, Suresh Balusamy, 18th Annual IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing(HiPC): Student Research Symposium under the Poster category, Bangalore, India,  2011 

GPU Sort and Max element finder

              Did some experiments in GPU computing. So I just created this simple Library using openCL called floatCL which is used to manipulate float arrays. A parallel sorting algorithm and finding the largest element in an array have been implemented.

Time Complexity (for PRAM):

1. Sorting - O(n)

2. Largest element - O(1)

This is hosted as an opensource project at