Aditya's graphics and game related adventures

Story Swamp

I had to come up with a world, story, characters and plot line after which I needed to run a tabletop RPG with 3 people. I decided to create the world and timeline first. Once I had the world and time fixed I created factions and inhabitants in the world. Creating the world first enabled me to create multiple story lines and characters at different parts of the same world who could be doing different thing. The concept of factions also streamlined the objectives of a particular NPC/player.

The document below describes everything from the world, NPC, players, RPG elements to the process, how the game ran and feedback from the players.

Download "Operation: Aurora Destructus"

Dice Canyon

We needed to design and develop a game that used "Dice". The "Dice" had to be center focus of gameplay.

I created a 2 player game that strikes a balance between randomness and strategy. Also I made sure the dice were the center focus by using them as pawns that determine their power and to determine movement.The game is called "Big fish-Tiny fishy".

The document attached documents my development process/brainstorming process. The rules for the game and the game board can be found in the last 2 pages in the document.

Download "Big fishy-Tiny fishy".

Mines of memory

This was our second assignment, the objective of this assignment was to dig out the "Game Design" treasures from our past. I needed to come up with a minimum of 100 games(any type, atleast 3 per year) and write about the important moments I had in the game or a cool feature that really stood out

My mines of memory can be accessed here.

Hopscotch Hamlet

We needed to create an improved version of the game Hopscotch. So I needed to document the brainstorming process, development process and finally the game.

I had come up with a Hopscotch game called "Maze of Doom", which made hopscotch a better spectator sport, involved teamwork and added an interest curve to the game.

My document can be found here.