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BVW Show 2012 - Aquario

Posted by aditya on December 9, 2012 at 5:40 PM

My lightning round world "Aquario" made it to the BVW 2012 show!


This was the first BVW class that got a chance to make use of the eyetracker to create a game. We (team 9) created "Aquario" in a weekthat got selected into the show. This was one of 2 worlds in the show that madeuse of a "Guest" from the audience.


We initially picked up a guest but the eye tracker system did notdetect her eyes since she was wearing contact lens. But her friend came to the saviorby volunteering himself. He picked up the game quickly without any de-briefingand managed to complete it. Here are some pictures from the show:


The whole show can be seen at , "Aquario" starts at the 34th minute!


For a video of the actual game please check below

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