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Round 4 - Story Round (The MS Periculum)

Posted by aditya on November 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Story round time!

We needed to make a game with a complelling story, with any platform.

We decided to make use of the PSMove + HMD(The only team this BVW to make use of the head mounted display).

Since this was story round we decided that looking at the world from the eyes of the hero would make the player feel more immersed in the story. This being said the PSMove controllers were used as hands in the game and the player walked in the direction he is looking by pushing a button.

The story can be seen in the Video. So That is not discussed here.

Techniques used to achieve an immersive experience:

1. HMD to look around and move in the direction you are looking

2. Use of the PSMove as hands to interact with objects in the virtual world

3. Made use of over 50 distinct sounds and surround sound in the RPIS


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Nate Levin - Sound

Kelin Zhao - 2D

Nicole Feng - 3D

Aditya Vijayakumar(me) - programming

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