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Round 3 - Lightning round (Eye Tracker)

Posted by aditya on October 11, 2012 at 1:45 PM

Objective: Make a fun game in 7 days.

Answer: Okay

We needed to make a fun game within a week using a platform from the given choices. We chose the eye tracker.

We chose to make a fish game where you overwhelm the enemy by engulfing it with a big colony of fish(OR not fish).

Jesse Schell's OMG count in a minute: 6

The game was submitted to IGF Student Showcase 2013


> Game progressed by growing your colony to a specific size after which your species evlove

> At each level there was an additional feature that your colony could do

Input method: The eye controls the movement of the school of fish

To play the game Go here


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Process in which we designed the the gameplay mechanic(since the eye tracker was a fairly new platform):


1. You are given no instructions

2. You see a blurry/unattractive background and you see a small group of fish in the middle

3. Guest looks elsewhere in the screen and discovers that the school of fish move


4. Guest also discovers that the fish are always in the center of the screen. So they just move in the direction he looks


5. Guest sees something attractive on screen. (He obviously can't take his eyes off it for a while)

6. He/she then notices that the attractive object automatically centers itself on the screen and is engulfed by the school of fish


7. He keeps doing this for a while(might get bored, but we found that people didn't since the visuals were quite intersteing for a while)

8. Stage changes and you see different visuals. You notice that you are not a circle anymore and have grown a tail

+ INTEREST POINT(You have evolved visually)

9. You explore this world and eventually think "Okay this is the same stuff again with differrent visuals"

10. After a point you goto the next stage, you see different visuals(swarm evolves again)

11. As you progress through this level, you find out that as the game progresses enemies turn RED

12. Enemies are harmful when they are RED, " So now I need to be careful". You notice that enemies can now decrease your population and you see dead fish

+ INTEREST POINT(You have evolved visually)



Sasa - Art

Liyue - Art

Key - Sound

Aditya Vijayakumar(Me) - programming

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