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Round 2 - Naive guest round

Posted by aditya on October 9, 2012 at 11:25 AM

The objective for round 2 was to make a game that could be picked up by a naive guest(someone who probably hasn't played a video game). Making use of a Kinect.

We decided to make a puzzle game for a naive guest (quite challenging to make a puzzle game for a naive guest if you think about it). Anyway we decided to make the interaction similar to classic adventure games like Escape from monkey Island.

Interaction method:

1. Player uses his 2 hands as cursors to highlight interactable items

2. Player does a unique gesture depending upon the highlighted object of interest


Philip Chung - 3D Art

Danielle Corporon - 2D Art/texturing

Kang Brian - Sounds

Aditya Vijayakumar(me) - Programming

Our naive guest did Finish it! That was an accomplishment, so YAY!

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