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This site hosts some of my work from my Master's work at Carnegie Mellon University.

Also has some graphics and game related projects I did on the side.

  Building Virtual Worlds


  Graphics Projects here

Aquario - My interview in Game Developer Magazine!

March 2013 - The game "Aquario" I programmed for the eye-tracker is featured in Game Developer Magazine March 2013. It is an interview that showcases some of our development process. Thank you Team Aquario !!!

Link to Aquario in Game Developer Magazine March 2013 (requires a subscription)

To play the game Go here

Link to the video 

BVW is over, ... with a Bang!

November 2012 - The building virtual worlds class is over. I might miss this because I really loved prototyping games and working with each team was a new experience altogether. Apart from continuously improving myself in terms of working with a team, managing time, ... I made sure I learnt something new technically each round

round 0 - unity and time reversal in game(got featured in EGP August/September 2012)

round 1 -  psmove programming and generic AI code for shortest path in a maze(Was really happy when another team made use of this for their last round)

round 2 - Kinect and mapping hands to cursors on the screen to interact with objects in a 3D environment

round 3 - Eyetracker and implemented a modified PSO in a video game(featured in GameDeveloper Magazine March 2013

round 4 - HMD, created an immersive experience in terms of look/feel with lag free head tracking and surround sound

round 5 - Voxel programming and gesture prototyping 

Also"Aquario" made it to the BVW show 2012 so yay!

Link: BVW Blog here 

Presented a poster at an International IEEE/ACM conference

December 2011 -  "A GPGPU based implementation of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Function Optimization" Aditya Vijayakumar(me), Biravamurthy SK, Suresh Balusamy, 18th Annual IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing(HiPC): Student Research Symposium under the Poster category, Bangalore, India,  2011.

 Link to some of my GPU Computing Projects

Microsoft Student2Business Winner

Sometime in 2009 - Selected as one of the top 10 teams in India by Microsoft for developing a 3D prototype of "Battle City(NES)"  with a team of 2.

Game site link here